Give mom her flowers with Pink Runtz—May 2024’s Leafly HighLight (2024)

You’re running low on time. The cool moms of America deserve some fine, trendy, fragrant weed for Mother’s Day and Memorial Day campouts. They’ve earned some Pink Runtz.

Why? It’s a battle out there. Moms need something pretty, fragrant, and relaxing that lightens the mood. Bring on that strawberry, sweet, grapefruit taste. Cue the giggly, talkative, happy effects—Pink Runtz wins our Leafly HighLight strain for May, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and beyond.

Around since at least 2020, Pink Runtz scores an average 4.6 out of 5 points after 334 ratings.

It’s got the high THC that moms need after unloading all those freakin’ groceries all by herself again, good God.

“The very first hit had the knot in my shoulder unwinding,” says one review.

One in four Pink Runtz smokers is hitting it for tension, mood, and life’s doo-doo.

“I’ve never been so happy and smiling while unclogging a toilet,” said another reviewer.

“My 13-year-old kid clogged the toilet. Here I am smiling, happy as a lark while I plunge this toilet with a rubber plunger. Probably in my top 5 all-time favorites.”

Pink Runtz packs flavor and a punch. So drink some water first, stay seated, and put your phone on airplane mode. It’s a relative of Leafly Strain of the Year 2020, Runtz.

“The smell is like a fruity pebbles almost. Crazy smell,” said one reviewer.

“Euphoric antidepressant. Great for social connection, being present, and open. Instant happiness,” said another.

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Special Pick: Phylos Premium Gelato Sunrise Feminized on ILGM

Give mom her flowers with Pink Runtz—May 2024’s Leafly HighLight (1)

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Who’s got Pink Runtz? Best Pink Runtz across the US

Pink Runtz has increased its menu presence 40% year over year from Malibu, CA to Maine—with a ton of bargain flower and THC vape cartridges that keep costs down.

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In Los Angeles, Pink Runtz crushes as a $25 vape cartridge, or in bulk flower; just $60 for 14 grams.

On the top shelf, indoor, small-batch flower brand Woodwide drops flawless Pink Runtz eighth-ounces for $55 by the end of the month in Northern California.

Oregon growers mass-produce Pink Runtz to get 1-gram joints down to $3 from Fire Dept. Even Seattle gets in on the $106 ounce of Pink Runtz from KIND.

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Colorado makes a lot of Pink Runtz hash: $48 live resin 1-gram carts, and $20 grams of Tropical Pink Runtz caviar.

Oklahoma offers smokers better access and prices than Illinois: with $5 grams, $4 joints, $15 all-in-ones, and $10 dabs.

Over on the East Coast, Electraleaf brings Pink Runtz to New York shops.

Pink Runtz seeds

Give mom her flowers with Pink Runtz—May 2024’s Leafly HighLight (2)

Gardeners—put some Pink Runtz in the ground right next to those tomatoes. Lots of stuff gets renamed, so expect a Gelato x Z plant, or some good, old Gelato #33.

Either way, we’d start with some Karma Genetics Runtz crosses like Pink Pie, Pink Fritter, or Guava Runtz.

Blimburn sells Pink Runtz as feminized seeds and in automatic flowering.

Other good bets in that wheelhouse include Humboldt Seed Co Jelly Donutz.

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More future forward: Umami Seeds’ Paau, Cookies Seed Bank Pink Runtz x Hollywood, and Thug Pug’s Pink Peanut.

Pink Runtz awards

Pink Runtz on its own may not have a trophy case, but the Runtz family certainly does. It has won bigly every year since 2020 Leafly Strain of the Year.

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Pink Runtz terpenes

Lab samples labeled Pink Runtz have averaged high in the smell molecules limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool—giving it a balanced mix of fruit, fuel, and floral notes.

Other highlights this May

Can’t buy our HighLight? Don’t cry, dry your eyes—with three related or seasonal picks.

Pink Zaza

Give mom her flowers with Pink Runtz—May 2024’s Leafly HighLight (3)

Impress the most picky weed snob mom at the campout with this jar of fuego. Pink Runtz keeps evolving with Pink Zaza, popularized by high-end indoor flower growers SOG Army in California. It’s Georgie Pie x Pink Runtz for dessert-on-candy terps.

Pink Guava

Give mom her flowers with Pink Runtz—May 2024’s Leafly HighLight (4)

One of the stand-out strains from 4/20 in San Francisco—the flawless Pink Guava from Sense Cannabis. Allegedly some Nepali Pink x Guava, it smells, tastes and feels like a refined variety of Guava Gelato. A little candy. A little dessert. The fuel notes add to the loudness. Again, if she already loves Runtz and Gelato, this conjures her best memory of it.

Pink Boost Goddess

Give mom her flowers with Pink Runtz—May 2024’s Leafly HighLight (5)

Keep the pink theme going for your goddess with this highly regarded sativa hybrid. Pink Boost Goddess—the award-winning heirloom strain from Northern California—turns super-pink in flower. It’s got a mellow, energetic, focused effect that works with yoga, hiking, cooking, and even chores. Scoop up perfectly cured, super-affordable jars of 2023 full-sun sativa hybrids during this peak season. Smoke sungrown in the sun, family.

ILGM pick: Sweet Tartz feminized

Give mom her flowers with Pink Runtz—May 2024’s Leafly HighLight (6)

The strains EZ-Bake AF x Black Lime GMO reportedly combine in Sweet Tartz—an ILGM feminized seed from their Phylos F1 collaboration. It’s got sweet and sour berry with hints of spicy, earthy undertones. Sweet Tartz can hit 25% THC. Easy to grow and works in a greenhouse our outdoors.

And that’s four flower favorites for making every day Mothers Day this May, and beyond. Those gifts don’t buy themselves—so snap to it!

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Give mom her flowers with Pink Runtz—May 2024’s Leafly HighLight (2024)
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