These Summer Suits Will Keep You Stylish, Not Sweaty (2024)

These Summer Suits Will Keep You Stylish, Not Sweaty (1)

For a lot of guys, the summertime is hardly a time to dress up. The heat tends to make a lot of our outfits pretty damn simple. Shorts. T-shirts. Maybe a camp collar shirt or some linen pieces if we feel like putting in some effort.

And when it comes to suiting? Many of you might be wondering, is that even allowed? Well, the short answer is – yes!

It’s not only possible to dress sharp during the summer, we recommend it! Whether for formal or casual use, a good summer suit is key for standing out during the warmer months. It demonstrates effort, intentionality, and a deep understanding of how clothing and fabrics work together.

Most suits are made from worsted (smooth) wool, or heavier wool fabrics like flannel or tweed. In the summer, good tailoring is comprised of light and/or open-weave materials like linen, cotton, seersucker, and tropical or fresco wools.

These suits are often in light neutral tones or highly colorful, and are typically less structured, plus even fully unlined, at times.

But the best summer suits will always make you look like a million bucks, no matter the temperature.

The Budget Pick: AirSense Suit (Cotton Like) by Uniqlo

These Summer Suits Will Keep You Stylish, Not Sweaty (2)

The best budget option on this list comes courtesy of Uniqlo, and while it leans casual, this suit is still remarkably simple to dress up for nicer occasions.

Uniqlo’s Airsense fabric may be fully polyester, but features quick-drying technology and a comfortable amount of stretch. It comes in two colors (beige and navy) as suit separates, meaning you have to purchase the jacket and pants separately.

However, for less than $130 combined, it’s still an absolute steal that’ll make getting dressed every morning feel just a little bit better.

The Budget Black Pick: Ludlow Slim-fit Unstructured Suit in Irish Cotton-Linen Blend by J.Crew

These Summer Suits Will Keep You Stylish, Not Sweaty (3)

Sometimes, you just need a reliable black suit. Only, you don’t want to sweat it out in one. That’s where this pick from J.Crew comes in. Their Ludlow suit hardly needs an introduction, as it helped define what a classic slim suit should look and feel like at a decent price point.

This one is special though, because it’s made from a unique blend of cotton and Irish linen that’ll keep you looking cool – and feeling cooler. Not only that, but it’s also available in way more colors than black.

It too comes as separates, but the black jacket/pants combo will only run you about $250, as they’re currently on sale!

The Casual Pick: Linen Hopsack Carry-On Suit by Buck Mason

These Summer Suits Will Keep You Stylish, Not Sweaty (4)

This gem from Buck Mason may also require a separate purchase of both the jacket and pants, but like our other picks, they’re meant to be worn together. That said, this suit is still incredibly easy to break up and style each piece on its own. That’s partly due to its more casual nature.

This suit is made from a unique cotton/linen hopsack with a brilliant texture, as well as great casualizing details like patch pockets.

Together, they cost under $430, and it makes for a great option to excel at smart casual style in the summer.

The Colorful Pick: Tailored Linen Suit by Percival

These Summer Suits Will Keep You Stylish, Not Sweaty (5)

British brand Percival has absolutely exploded in popularity, partly due to its bestselling suit, featured here. Available in a fantastic range of colors and made from 100% linen, this might be the best pick yet for those seeking a bit more pep in your step.

Summer tailoring typically allows for more vibrance, and Percival gets that like almost nobody else. With a classic, straight fit through the pants and a complimentary fit through the blazer, this one will make you look exceptionally sharp.

Together, the jacket and pants cost about $540, a great price for this level of quality.

The Preppy Pick: Mill Blazer and Standard Pleated Pant In Seersucker by Alex Mill

These Summer Suits Will Keep You Stylish, Not Sweaty (6)

Alex Mill has been making something of a name for itself lately, and their summer offerings are nothing short of fantastic. That extends to their Mill Blazer and Standard Pleated Pant, each in matching seersucker.

Seersucker is an ideal summer fabric due to its lightweight nature, as well as its signature “puckered” texture that prevents it from clinging to sweaty skin. Historically, it was quite popular in the American south, and has since become a bit of a hallmark of preppy style.

This jacket features a three-button enclosure, patched, flapped pockets, and the pants are defined by a pair of sleek, single pleats, in addition to a coin pocket.

It’s a bargain too, because together, the jacket and pants will only run you $470.

The Pincord Pick: Kenmare Relaxed-fit suit in Italian cotton pincord by J.Crew

These Summer Suits Will Keep You Stylish, Not Sweaty (7)

Pincord is a fabric eerily similar to seersucker, but a bit more contemporary. At first glance, it is often defined by the same striped pattern featured on most seersucker garments. But without the same puckered effect, it’s a lot more like a lightweight corduroy – ideal for the summer, too.

This suit by J.Crew comes in their somewhat newer Kenmare cut, which differs to their ever-popular Ludlow in that it is a bit fuller in the chest and leg, providing a more classic fit. Its three-roll-two closure provides an extra amount of versatility and detail, and the airy pants include a pair of single pleats to offer a more distinct shape and profile.

It’s currently on sale too, for only $385 (regularly $646!). If you ask us? A steal!

The Patterned Pick: Italian Linen Wythe Suit in White Pinstripe by Todd Snyder

These Summer Suits Will Keep You Stylish, Not Sweaty (8)

Now for something a bit more daring and sophisticated. Todd Snyder is known for their excellent tailoring offerings, but this linen-blend suit in their Wythe cut might just be one of their coolest yet.

If you’re looking to make a sartorial statement this summer, the bold black-on-white pinstripes will do it for you. The jacket is double-breasted, a somewhat rarer option for the summer due to the excess of fabric, but not to worry – it’s a linen-cotton blend.

Linen-cotton blends are ideal for getting a lot more breathability without sacrificing a clean look, meaning you get way less wrinkles.

The pants have generous double reverse pleats and full, straight fit through the leg for a truly classic look.

This one will cost you, but in our eyes, it’s worth it for the flair. The pants and jacket combined are $1,696.

The Menswear Enthusiast Pick: The Irish Linen Bedford Suit by Proper Cloth

These Summer Suits Will Keep You Stylish, Not Sweaty (9)

Proper Cloth is renowned for their extensive custom shirting options, but don’t balk at their tailoring. They have some real gems, like their Irish Linen Bedford Suit. It comes in 7 classic colors and is cut from 100% Irish linen, with a soft, half-canvas construction for a truly polished look.

This suit is also fully unlined, which means you’ll receive maximum breathability on the hottest of days.

The pants feature elegant side tab adjusters, so no need for a belt. This summer, it’s all about clean lines, and the soft shoulder on the jacket echoes that very same theme.

The quality here really is key, as for the asking price of $795, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better price-to-quality ratio in the linen suit department.

The Premium Pick: Single-Breasted Suit in Fresco – Navy by HUSBANDS PARIS

These Summer Suits Will Keep You Stylish, Not Sweaty (10)

HUSBANDS PARIS is arguably one of the coolest players in the tailoring game today. Launched in 2012, they’ve quickly gained a repudiation for immaculate quality and highly-inspired, retro cuts.

We’ve selected their SIngle-Breasted Suit in Fresco – Navy as our premium pick because it might just very well be the king of all navy suits to come. Generally, when you think of a navy suit, you assume classic at best, and a bit boring at worst.

That’s not the case with this one. It’s composed of wool fresco, a highly breathable and lightweight wool intended for summer wear, and despite its fully canvased, fully lined construction, it’ll keep you cool.

Its distinctive parisian notch lapel is wide and retro, but not ostentatious. Similarly, its classic roman shoulders create an imposing figure, sure to complement your own. The trousers are cut with a full, generous leg and a slightly flared opening, a signature detail of HUSBANDS suits.

Other features include genuine horn buttons, functional sleeve buttonholes, and more. Oh, and did we mention it’s made in Italy? Always a good touch.

A premium product demands a premium price, and while this suit cost $2,035, it’s a worthy investment piece. Anything from HUSBANDS is, in all fairness, and if they’re not on your radar already, they certainly should be.

The Wrap-Up

There’s a sea of suiting options out there, but when the sun is out and the temperature climbs, you want to make sure you’ve chosen well. That’s why we put together this list of the best summer suits for men, to help you hone in on the best options for every style and occasion.

Be sure to check out our other product recommendations here at Real Men Real Style to discover more of the best finds in menswear.

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These Summer Suits Will Keep You Stylish, Not Sweaty (2024)


How do people wear suits without sweating? ›

Consider wearing suits in shades like beige, tan, or pastel colors for a cooler feeling. Unlined or half-lined jackets: Fully lined suit jackets can trap heat and restrict airflow. Look for unlined or half-lined jackets, which are more breathable and help with ventilation.

What suits are good for hot weather? ›

Consider linen or cotton

Plant fabrics such as cotton, linen or bamboo are light and highly comfortable, as well as breathable. Linen suits are worn in hot European summers and well-suited to hot or humid weather.

What suit material is best for staying cool? ›

Linen suits will keep you cool when you need to dress smart for an occasion, like a summer wedding. They do tend to crumple slightly during the day, but the upside is the stylish relaxed look a few wrinkles creates. Suits in a linen blend cloth will also do the trick and they're usually a bit more resistant to creases.

How to wear a suit if you sweat a lot? ›

Wear an Undershirt

If you sweat, your undershirt will absorb your perspiration instead of your suit. This means that your suit shouldn't have visible perspiration stains. The key thing to remember is that you should choose a dress shirt with a v-neck cut so that it's not visible from the outside.

How can people wear suits in the summer? ›

Choose the Right Fabric

That includes linen, cotton, or certain wool types, which have excellent air ventilation properties. Linen is usually the go-to fabric in the summer season because of its thinness, which makes it naturally breathable and light to wear.

What is the best suit shirt for hot weather? ›

If you choose a cotton suit or a cotton shirt, you'll get all that comfort and breathability. That means it'll be ideal for those all-day, hot-weather events, and you won't overheat while you're commuting into the office. If you're looking for even more comfort, choose a cotton suit with a bit of stretch in the blend.

What's the best material to wear in hot weather? ›

Cotton and linen are top choices for summer fabrics because they're lightweight, breathable, and help to keep the body cool by allowing air to circulate.

How can I look hot in a suit? ›

11 Tips How to Wear a Suit
  1. Never ever button the bottom button of a suit jacket.
  2. Never forget to unbutton the jacket when you sit down.
  3. Always keep the top button of your shirt buttoned.
  4. Don't let the shirt cuffs go over your hands.
  5. Never look like you choke yourself.
  6. Wear only a jacket that fits.
  7. Never let your socks be seen.

What is the best thing to wear to keep cool in hot weather? ›

Cotton is good for dry heat because it's lightweight and breathable. Cotton is a natural fiber that's breathable, lightweight and widely accessible. Air easily passes through cotton fabric, allowing you to feel breezy and cool. It's best for dry heat, since it's absorbent but not moisture-wicking.

What material stays cool in summer? ›

Cotton is one of the coolest fabrics for summer and hot weather. Not only is it cheap and hugely available, but it is also great for the heat. Cotton is soft, lightweight, breathable, and soaks up sweat, allowing heat to escape the body and for you to stay cool.

What is a summer suit? ›

Look Guide: We love a lighter-hued seasonal suit (cream, beige, light grey, or faded blue) with a relaxed shirt for summer. Linen blends for both the suit and shirt are perfect for most situations, and especially when you'll be on a beach.

Why do I sweat so much in suits? ›

Yes, it is possible to sweat more when you wear a suit, especially if it is made of thick or heavy material. Suits are typically made of materials such as wool, polyester, or a blend of synthetic fibers that do not allow air to circulate easily, which can cause heat to build up and increase sweat production.

How to prevent sweat stains on a suit? ›

Wear an undershirt to create a barrier between your skin and your clothes. Undershirts help reduce sweat stains by creating a barrier between your skin and your clothing. To help regulate your body temperature, wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing.

How do people in hot countries wear suits? ›

When you're in hot weather, keep your suit unbuttoned so that you can keep cool. If your suit jacket is unbuttoned, more air can come through and you are less likely to get hot and to sweat. You can also do the same for your suit and shirt sleeves.

Does sweat ruin a suit? ›

Even though your suit may not look unclean on the surface (unless you spill something on it) your skin's oils and the sweating can leave unneeded and harmful residue on your suit that can damage the fabric causing your suit to look old and worn.

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